Steel works/Repairs

We have a long history of successful completion of major Steel Works/Repairs. We have technically skilled fitters & certified welders, applying excellent know-how to achieve the best possible results. We are able to undertake, ship repairs at very short/strict programs and many miscellaneous works, which are supported by our local stations.

Welding and Fabrication

Our qualified welders and fabricators possess the skills and knowledge to work within the requirements of all IACS members on both steel and aluminum ship repairs, renewals, and marine constructions. We employ numerous welder/fabricators across the globe that possess multi-positional and thickness qualifications and thus are able to carry out repairs on carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and duplex using SMAW, GTAW, MIG, and FCAW welding processes.

  • SMAW: shielded metal arc welding
  • GTAW: Gas tungsten arc welding
  • MIG: metal inert gas welding
  • FCAW: flux cored arc welding

We only use calibrated equipment ensuring that we work within the parameters of our welding procedure qualifications and specifications. Furthermore, we employ at our local stations an in-house welding coordinator to help oversee and implement quality control measures in the delivery of all work called upon to perform. Our welders and fabricators are highly experienced at ship repair and refitting on multiple vessel types, marine constructions and general welding and repairs to various metalwork and structures.

Main phone number: 24/7: (+30)2104001120, (+30)2104004470


Looking for a reliable partner for welding and fabrication?

Looking for a reliable partner for welding and fabrication?