PSOMAKARA Diving Services & Consulting Co undertakes underwater sea chests cleaning (u/w sea chest cleaning) and underwater sea chests grating cleaning. First the sea chest gratings are cleaned and then removed where two divers take them up to the surface. After that, the diver enters the sea chest and cleans. When the necessary procedure for underwater sea chests cleaning (u/w sea chest cleaning) is completed the sea chest gratings are replaced in position, giving special attention to securing arrangement. In order to make any other repair, temporary waterproofing of sea chests (plugging sea-chests) has to be made. The Plugging sea-chests is an effective technique, which allows any internal repairs needed in the sea chests, such as changing faulty valves, bathometer, etc. The ship remains at sea, without having to go to dry dock. After the repair, the sea chest is unplugged and tested to verify that it operates properly and if necessary plugged again.


The sea chests are in the space between the side of the ship and the sea suction valve. The sea chests are protected by grids, called sea chest gratings, which prevent the passage of large objects such as large fish, nets etc.


The main reason of damage is the fouled sea chests, from mussels and other marine elements, which really occupy all the space and clog. When within the sea chests there is any damage, it results in the inadequate intake of water which can be catastrophic for the ship, since the water entering is used for cooling the main engine and other machinery for ballasting tanks for the ships firefighting unit.


The main issues of having a damaged sea chest:

  • Inadequate intake of water
  • Not cooling the main engine and other machinery
  • Increasing the temperature of the main engine


Our company undertakes temporary waterproofing of sea chests. The quality of the result of the work is guaranteed, since its diving teams, have excellent technical knowledge and extensive experience.

PSOMAKARA Diving Services & Consulting Co has headquarters in Greece (Piraeus, Chios, Thessaloniki, Crete, Corinth, Nea Karvali, Patra, Volos, Kali Limenes), Togo (Lome), Turkey (Istanbul, Canakkale, Iskenderun), Cyprus (Limassol, Larnaca), Ivory Coast (Abidjan), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Brazil (Santos), Spain (Palma de Mallorca, Canary Islands, Valencia), Egypt (Suez, Alexandria), Mexico (Veracruz) and bases at New Zealand, Samoa, Kingdom of Tonga and Republic of Fiji, while diving teams are located at regular intervals in ports around the world. The staff communicates in five different languages (Greek, English, French, Spanish, Arabic). Main phone number 24/7: (+30)2104001120, (+30)2104004470 email: info@psomakara.gr

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