The system is set in motion by 5 hydraulic engines. The total hydraulic power in the machine is 80 H.P. It has a central design with adhesiveness to the hull of 600kgs, which allows divers to have sufficient stability to work underwater up to 2 knot sea currents. It is connected to the surface with 100m long hoses, while the cleaned area spreads at an average of 1.30mtrs width, which can be done at a spectacular speed of up to 60-65 mtrs/min.

The brush kart system also includes:

  • Power package
  • Two hydraulic pipes (two tubes with a length of 100 meters each)
  • Three sets of different kind of brushes

Power package details:

  • Overall length: 1,8
  • Overall width: 1,1
  • Overall width: 1,15 x 35cm exhaust pipe
  • Air cooled 5 cylinders diesel engine
  • Air compressor – Including air tank & filter


PSOMAKARA Diving Services & Consulting Co maintains its own manufacturing unit for underwater cleaning equipment since 1992; gradually expanding due to the new needs of our diving units. Over the past few years, we have been building our own product line GAMSRO and are marketing over 20 product codes.

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