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PSOMAKARA Diving Services & Consulting Co is one of the most experienced and knowlegeable diving and agency company.

Our Certified Diving team & Modern technology equipment, guarantees excellent results in underwater services always on schedule.

Why Us?

  • 2.405 underwater operations
  • 252 Satisfied customes
  • Complete package of diving services in seven ports
  • Full agency services in three ports
  • Flying diving teams in more than ten ports
  • Professional technical divers
  • Back up office 24 hours / 365 days
  • Modern technology equipment
  • Always on schedule

What we do

Modern technology equipment, guarantees excellent results in all our diving services.



…For many years, we are in regular basis using PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co for underwater cleaning and repair services with satisfactory results….

… We have known and worked together with PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co since 1992. They have carried out on our behalf various underwater works including bottom inspections video taping for class, bottom cleaning, propeller polishing, underwater steel repairs, anode fitting etc. All were performed in time with class approval and met our requirements completely…

… We have worked with PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co for several underwater works and the quality was excellent and delivered in the provided time…

… We have worked together with PSOMAKARA| Diving Services & Consulting Co carrying out various underwater works always to the satisfaction of owners and/or classification society and with competitive prices…

… Messrs PSOMAKARA | Diving Services & Consulting Co , have performed underwater inspections, hull cleaning and other underwater works for our company with fully satisfactory results in all cases…

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Underwater Services in

Togo, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus

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